Global engagement

The GCU-led VolPower project inspired youth volunteering across Europe

The University is at the centre of a global network of campuses and long-term partnerships. Our renowned research and programmes run internationally and are helping find solutions to worldwide challenges.

We called on governments across Europe to introduce national programmes to help people take time off work to volunteer. The proposal was part of the final report by VolPower, a GCU-led project developed to enhance integration between EU citizens and migrants.

Our gender researchers joined academics in South Africa at a Digital Storytelling workshop hosted by Common Good First, a GCU-led project that’s helping the nation’s voiceless communities tell their own stories.

We helped celebrate the achievements of activist Charlotte Maxeke, an African National Congress Women’s League pioneer. Director of Communications and Digital Engagement Julie Adair gave the keynote speech at an event celebrating Women’s Day in South Africa and commemorating Charlotte’s role in galvanising South African women in the struggle for freedom.

Our Centre for Climate Justice highlighted the impact of climate change on Malawi

We explored whether growing gender-based violence and mental health problems across Malawi could be attributed to climate change. The Centre for Climate Justice says the south-eastern African nation has been adversely affected by climate disasters and has a long-standing problem with mental health issues and violence based on gender.

We shared the testimonies of the people hit hardest by COVID-19 and climate change at an international event. The Royal Society of Edinburgh awarded the Centre for Climate Justice funding to demonstrate the impact of the pandemic on people in Kenya, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Gabon and Morocco in ‘Raising African voices in Scotland: Towards ambitious and equitable climate policy’.

We led a series of workshops at six universities designed to teach academics how to develop innovative FinTech programmes at their own institutions. The project was part of the Erasmus+ capacity building project TRUST.

GCNYC welcomed speakers from around the globe to share their vision for creating a fairer world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers from the academic, activist and business spheres explored areas such as transforming the fashion industry, the economics of free speech and the future of the workplace in the Resilience and Reconstruction and Building Back Better series.