Our Chancellor

While the global pandemic once again prevented our Chancellor, Dr Annie Lennox OBE, from joining us on campus in 2021, that didn’t prevent her from demonstrating that our students and staff were never far from her thoughts.

In a series of passionate and personal video messages, Dr Lennox continued to play a key role at GCU’s major events throughout the year. 

With our graduation celebrations once again paused, Dr Lennox reached out – literally – to virtually ‘doff’ our students via video screening, a playful recreation of the time-honoured symbolic capping that transforms our scholars into graduates.

And the Royal Academician, singer-songwriter, philanthropist and lifelong activist rallied our students and staff throughout the year to “make this world a better place”. 

She called on businesses and politicians to take ''real action'' on climate change during the CBI Road to Net Zero Conference which explored how organisations can drive the transition to net-zero emissions. As the eyes of the world turned to Glasgow during COP26, our Chancellor shared her fears for the future:

We must provide real protection for our forests and oceans, and ensure there's sufficient funding from wealthier nations, who have profited from ecological destruction, to support the countries who are now bearing the dire brunt of it.

Dr Annie Lennox OBE

During the global conference, Dr Lennox joined Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies CBE FRSE and activist Dr Satish Kumar to discuss the role of education in tackling the Climate Emergency.

In a special University podcast, our Chancellor spoke candidly about how her own social activism was awakened.